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The Forgotten Vanguard BOOK PREORDER w/bonus content!

The Forgotten Vanguard BOOK PREORDER w/bonus content!


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The Forgotten Vanguard puts your character in the far future of Legarren, in a city called New Anderdown. It is a cyberpunk dreamscape, drenched in neon and an amalgam of all the cultures of old Legarren. You play a shadow operative and mercenary whose life changes forever when you receive a fateful call to help an ex-soldier avenge his fallen unit. How will you respond?

The Forgotten Vanguard features a new Prestige Class, the Vanguard, and all-new workout challenges that will test your strength, agility, and body control. In preparation for these new trials, we have assembled a 12-week training plan to bring you up to speed.

With your preorder of The Forgotten Vanguard, you will receive a digital download of the Vanguard Candidate Training Guide, hacked from the Legarren Defense Force’s servers! This ebook is meant to be viewed on either mobile or tablet. Download link will expire 24 hours after first download.

Book is expected to release on February 19th, 2019.

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