Critical Fit


Class Registration

Class Registration

Experience the roleplaying fitness program you’ve been hearing about!

Join us at either KTA Florida (13529 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246) or North Jax CrossFit for an unforgettable fitness adventure. Classes will be taught by Critical Fit creator Daniel Diaz Brauch and will feature an original story exclusively for these sessions!

Spaces are limited, so register now! Visit our Patreon page at to sign up for a monthly membership so you never miss a session and save money while you're at it.

All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver at check-in. Please let us know about any physical limitations or accessibility considerations you may require.

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Class Structure

Each class will feature the following:

  • Warm Up

  • Story Segment

  • Workout Challenges

  • Story Segment

  • Combat and/or second Workout Challenge

  • Story Segment

  • Cool Down

    The structure of your workouts will be dependent on your chosen character class.


Your character has a number of actions they can take, from making devastating weapon attacks to harnessing arcane power into magical spells.  The abilities that your character can gain as they grow are dependent on a key decision during character creation: Their character class!

Character Classes

Your character’s class describes and defines what they can do during their adventures.  A Fighter is a rough-and-tumble brawler. A mage uses spells to destroy their enemies and protect their allies.  A ranger uses knowledge of the wild to hunt their foes. A rogue prefers sneaking in search of treasure, but can also deliver powerful attacks.  Finally, a druid uses the power of nature to attack, heal, and support their allies in their battles.

It is encouraged to choose a class that aligns with your goals. You can either choose a class whose Moves suit your athletic background or that embodies what you would like to achieve.

The starting movesets for the classes are listed below:

Fighter - DEMO VIDEO!






Renegade Rows

Bicycle Crunches

Ranger - DEMO VIDEO!

Jumping Jacks

Runner Skips

Plank Jacks


Lateral Shuffle

Speed Skaters

Broad Jump with jog back


Single-leg Romanian Deadlift

Twisting Lunges

Alternating T-pushups

Using Moves

During character creation, you will be given three basic abilities.  These are specific to your character class and are represented in-session with these cards.  Your success in combat is dependent on how well you can complete the exercise challenge on these cards!

Each card will specify an exercise and a time frame (typically ten seconds).  You have that amount of time to perform as many reps of the exercise as you can!

Here you can see that for a One-Handed Attack, our Fighter must perform as many pushups as they can in ten seconds.  If they get less than 6, they fail. Between 6 and 9 reps, they deal 1 damage. If they do 10 or more, they CRIT and deal 2 damage! The same model is used for all abilities, whether it be attacks, defensive moves, or magic spells.


So you may be saying “Great!  But how do I get more than 3 abilities?”  Your character will grow as you become fitter, gaining new abilities and equipment as they go.  You gain experience towards higher levels by completing reps of the 3 basic abilities.

Once our fighter has performed over 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats over the course of their Critical Fit sessions, they advance to level 2 and gain a new ability that they are able to use in battle!

During class, you will record the reps that you complete on your character progress tracker.  Once you have surpassed the necessary thresholds in all 3 of the basic abilities, you level up!

Adventuring is dangerous and difficult to do alone.  That is why most adventurers seek out other like minded people to form a party.  In Critical Fit sessions, your fellow classmates will comprise your party! Working together as a team and utilizing all of your character’s abilities will be key to a successful campaign, and a fun workout for everyone.

Combat Rules


You will roll a 20-sided die and the result of that roll will determine your turn order in combat.  The Game Master will roll initiative for any enemies in the encounter.

Your Turn

On your turn, you can use one Move or use an Item that is in your inventory.  Certain Moves are “persistent” and stay active until they are triggered. Follow the instructions written on the Move card. You may not use the same Move twice in a row.  

Status Effects

Occasionally an enemy attack will cause a status effect on your character.  The Game Master will describe the effect to you and what exercise challenge you must perform to overcome this effect.

Damage Resistance

Some enemies have resistance to certain forms of damage.  Your Game Master may describe these resistances to you, but not typically until you make an attack against the enemy.

Hit Points

Each character begins with 10 hit points.  If they drop to 0 hit points, they are rendered unconscious.  Healing spells or items may be used to regain their hit points and bring them back into the fight.  A character may not recover higher than their maximum of 10 hit points.


If a Move says to specify one or multiple targets, you can choose yourself, an enemy, or an ally.